Is membership in the Glenlake Neighborhood Association (GNA) voluntary?
Yes, membership is voluntary, but there are many benefits to being a GNA member, and the level of membership is surprisingly robust. To review the benefits of membership or to find out how to join the GNA, please visit the Signup & Benefits page.
I heard that Glenlake has its own water supply. Is that true?
Until a few years ago, Glenlake did own and maintain its water supply system through the Glenlake Water Supply Corporation (GWSC). However, several years ago the GWSC was sold to the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). In turn, the LCRA contracted ECO Resources to provide billing for its customers. This arrangement has been working very well so far, and most residents are quite satisfied with the water service.
Is Glenlake in the City of Austin?
Glenlake is not within Austin city limits. However, the City of Austin does provides electricity, and enforces certain building code requirements.
What companies provide utility services?

There is no sewer fee since all Glenlake lots are on septic systems.

  • Water is provided by Austin Water.
  • Solid waste services are provided by Waste Management/Longhorn Disposal.
  • Electricity is provided by City of Austin Utilities.
  • Propane is provided by a wide variety of companies.
  • Cable service is provided by Time Warner Cable.

For more specific information about utility services please the contact us page and fill out and submit our contact form here.

What are the deed restrictions for this neighborhood?
Although not all-inclusive, some important restrictions are as follows:

  • Buildings should be at least 50 feet from the street and 25 feet from adjacent properties.
  • Garages should be attached to the main house by some means, directly or by a covered walkway, and garage doors should not be directly facing the street.
  • Adequate off-street parking should be provided for the owner family.
  • Reflective roofing material needs approval by the Architectural Control Committee.
  • No new structure should block the Lake Austin view of any existing home.

For reference only, a more comprehensive sample Deed Restriction document package is available.

Does the association have an annual fee/assessment?
Yes, the annual fee is currently set at $100 per household, really a remarkable bargain compared to other home owner’s associations and also compared to the benefits of membership. To see the benefits that your fee provides, please visit the Signup & Benefits page.
I'm interested in building/remodeling. What approvals will I need?
The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) represents the Neighborhood Association in reviewing plans and granting approvals for any work to be done for new construction or modifications to any type of structure, including buildings, fences, outbuildings, and pools. If you are planning to build, remodel or modify, please check the ACC page first. Note that the City of Austin does enforce certain building code requirements as well.

For your reference, we’ve also provided sample Deed Restriction documents.

What public schools can my children attend if we live in Glenlake?
River Place Elementary, Four Points Middle School, and Vandergrift High School.
For more information about schools, please refer to the our schools page.
How many families live in Glenlake?
There are approximately 170 homes in Glenlake, with about 185 expected at full build-out.
Is Glenlake a "kid and family friendly" atmosphere?
Very much so. In fact, there are several recurring activities planned for families and children (of all ages) including the annual Halloween Hayride, the Easter Egg Hunt, as well as get-togethers such as Ice Cream Socials and Glenlake Night at Ski Shores where families can meet each other and socialize in a relaxed setting. Be sure to follow the Coming Events schedule to plan for all of the fun activities!