Architectural Control Committee

Planning to build your new home or make improvements to your present Glenlake home? You or the person in charge of the project are responsible to assure that your project plan meets the deed
restrictions. These are written into the deed provided to you prior to, or at closing. Meeting these deed restrictions is not an onerous task if one deals with the issue before construction begins.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is a permanent committee that is established by the Glenlake Neighborhood Association Bylaws.

Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors. Refer to the By-laws for member appointment rules and term-limits.

Contacting the ACC

Send development requests or questions via email to or send postal mail to the attention of Glenlake ACC at 9811 Glenlake Drive, Austin, TX 78730.

The ACC reviews plans and specifications for all building projects within the neighborhood to ensure they comply with the Deed Restrictions. This includes plans for new construction, additions, or modification to any building, fence, wall, or other structure (including pools). The committee provides feedback to plans within 30 days of submission. Written approval must be received before any construction may begin.