Glenlake Neighborhood Association Benefits

The Glenlake Neighborhood Association (GNA) sponsors various social events, arranges and pays for mowing and maintenance of Glenlake Drive and the entrance to Glenlake, funds the flags and illumination at the entrance area, publishes and distributes the neighborhood newsletter and creates the neighborhood directory. Though association membership is voluntary, your dues are important for continuing these services in our community. The residents who voluntarily serve on the GNA board and committees really need your support in making Glenlake a great place to live. (download membership dues form)

At the 21 January 2016 meeting, members of the GNA approved a budget for Fiscal Year 2016-17. The following chart shows how membership dues are budgeted for the coming year.

GNA Budget 2016

GNA Accomplishments

Some of the significant accomplishments of the GNA in the past include:

Installing new foliage in the planters at the entrance—watch it grow this Spring!
Rolled out a new Website design that is more appealing and friendly.
Supporting use of the Gatehouse for a Lending Library to allow convenient sharing of books, videos, magazines, and puzzles among neighbors.
Supporting the 2222 Coalition of Neighborhoods (CONA) to obtain better neighborhood development within the many commercial projects planned for the RM2222 Corridor.

GNA Goals

The current board and committee members are committed to carrying through the efforts of the previous members. Current goals include:

Improving traffic safety within Glenlake and City Park Road.
Increasing the number and type of social activities to help neighbors get to know each other.
Making the GNA Web site be a dynamic hub of communication for the community.
Establishing an active electronic discussion board.
Completing the Lending Library.

Many thanks to all residents who supported the GNA last year.